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Finally – a fun way to learn and improve your public speaking skills.

aquire meaningful presentation skills

PRESENTATION AS A THEATRICAL ART approaches public speaking from a theatre-based method. You’ll gain skills to ensure you’re more physically and vocally relaxed and confident during presentations.

Learn how to use acting tools and techniques to become more dynamic onstage.

  • Develop stage presence.
  • Expand vocal range.
  • Gain more physical freedom onstage.
  • Create a stronger emotional connection to your audience.

Seminars, workshops and private coaching available.


Zwick-Tapley CommunicationsABOUT US



Sarah Zwick-Tapley, owner of Zwick-Tapley Communications, has taught numerous classes and workshops for professionals, faculty and graduate students seeking to improve their presentation skills.  She co-teaches STEM Communications at Colorado State University, a course created for graduate students in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields to develop their verbal and written communication skills.

Ms. Zwick-Tapley has worked professionally as an actor, director and comic. She received her MFA in Acting from a joint program between American Repertory Theatre, Harvard University and the Moscow Art Theatre in Russia and a BA in Acting from Illinois State University .  While at Harvard, she studied with renowned vocal coaches Nancy Houfek and Catherine Fitzmaurice.  A member of Actors Equity Association, Ms. Zwick-Tapley’s acting credits include American RepertoryTheatre, Boston Playwrights Theatre, the Guthrie, the Moscow Art Theatre and the Kennedy Center in Washington , D.C.  Sarah has worked with such artists as David Mamet, Lee Breuer, Robert Woodruff, and Russian theatre scholar Anatoly Smeliansky.

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Zwick-Tapley CommunicationsTESTIMONIALS


Soo Kang, Associate Professor Hospitality Management Colorado State University

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“If you want to speak with more power, confidence, and effectiveness, you MUST contact Sarah Zwick-Tapley! She cuts through to the core of the subject and is insightful, and very direct, yet respectful. Presentation as a Theatrical Art was an eye opening experience for me as I had a pleasure of working with Sarah for my keynote speaker presentation. I gained a tremendous amount of practical skills as well as confidence on how to carry myself and to deliver the massage effectively. I would recommend Sarah to any scholars, students, businessmen who want to take their speaking effectiveness to the next level.”

Nancy E. Levinger, Associate Chair, University Distinguished Teaching Scholar, Professor Chemistry and Electrical and Computer Engineering Colorado State University

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“As a teacher, adviser and mentor of science students, the one activity I wish my students had done before coming to college or graduate school is theater.  So much of what we do in our careers relies on communication and theater teaches us how to reach an audience. Lucky for me – and my students – Sarah Zwick-Tapley’s wonderful workshops provide opportunity for me, my students and colleagues to learn how to harness techniques from theater into our teaching and presentations. In every presentation I make whether in a classroom or a boardroom, Sarah’s methods guide me to effective, interesting presentations!  I have recommended these workshops to many people and the responses back are uniformly positive.”

Wendy Ishii, Founding Artistic Director, Bas Bleu Theatre

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“I can honestly say that Sarah Zwick-Tapley’s public speaking workshops are among the best of the best. Disarming even the most nervous student with her humor and warmth, she is able to set students at ease and provide practical and usable presentation skills so desperately needed in the world outside of theatre. The dramatic improvements I’ve seen in her clients are striking. Whenever people contact the theatre in search of training, I always recommend her. She is definitely a leader and innovator in her field and changing the face of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) communications.”

Paul Laybourn, Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Director, Colorado State University

Paul Laybourn, Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Director, REU Site in Molecular Biosciences Colorado State University“Even after 30+ years of scientific seminars and class lectures, the skills and increased confidence I gained in Presentation as a Theatrical Art  were nothing short of transformative.  Sarah Zwick-Tapley not only taught me the attributes of an excellent presentation, she coached me through the key aspects of the process of providing engaging seminars and lectures.  I highly recommend Sarah’s training to all my students and incorporate what I learned in her course when coaching my own students in scientific presentation.”

Royston Hunget, Violinist

Royston Hunget, ViolinistPresentation as a Theatrical Art  was an enormous benefit to my showmanship and performance skills. Sarah brought out my confidence and helped me understand key components to an exciting and riveting performance. I was further inspired to pursue my musical career with new fervor and excitement, incorporating my newly acquired skills.”


Mark Zabel, Associate Director, Prion Research Center

Mark Zabel“One may be the most brilliant scientist with the most creative, brilliant ideas, but if you cannot communicate those ideas, especially to non-scientists, your brilliance fades with you.  Most scientists do not realize that we are performers in this regard, and most of us are terrible at it.  Sarah enlightened me. Presentation as a Theatrical Art  taught me valuable theatrical skills for preparing for my performance, engaging my audience and clearly and effectively communicating my scientific questions and discoveries to any audience.”


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5% of all profit is donated to Kiva, a non-profit micro-lending organization devoted to alleviating poverty in the developing world.